Ceilings & Partitions

Nabaki Afrika has a range of ceiling boards and fascia boards for roof ventilation, finishing high quality roofing and ceilings and making partitions.

Dura Vent allows air to circulate through your roof while keeping bats, birds and mice out of the roof. Using Dura Vent will prevent heat from your roof radiating into your home and save you money on air conditioning.

Marley Fascia Boards & Barge Boards and Connectors

Marley fascia and barge boards are made from superior formulated uPVC...

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Gypsum Board

Gypsum board is a board used for interior walls and ceilings.

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Gypsum Clout Nails

Clout Nail 32 MM For Ceiling

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Everite Nu Cornice

Nucornice is a paper covered polystyrene core cove cornice. It is...

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Dura Boards & Connector

The fibre cement products in their intact state do not present a...

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Dura Vent Board

Dura Vent Board is an autoclaved cellulose fibre cement slotted...

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EPS Board

MEGA EPS is made of pre-expanded polystyrene beads. It's tough and...

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