Decra Roof Tiles

Designed to withstand extreme climatic challenges and inspired by the world’s most respected architectural traditions, Decra® Roof tiles are light, flexible and strong. Decra® are the original and therefore are the oldest Metal Tile Manufactuer's, (est 1957) which is why they are one of the few companies who can offer a 50yr Warranty on their products, even in extreme climates (eg Coastal).

Decra® roofs are exposed to climate extremes around the globe and they steadfastly refuse to degrade, despite the environment’s determination to maintain natural decay. The extraordinary durability of our roofs is backed up by a comprehensive 50 years written warranty.

No other tile supplier in Tanzania will give you a written 50yr warranty.

Each Decra® profile has been designed to replicate one of the traditional roof styles such as clay tiles, shingle and shake with the added advantage of a steel substrate.

Decra® roofing sheet materials are coated with an alloy of zinc and aluminium to give it some of the durability of each of those materials at a lower cost and higher strength.

Visit the Decra® Tanzania website by using the Manufacture’s website link on the right of the page.


Decra Roofing Tiles

Decra roof tiles are made of 'zincalume steel' – high quality...

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