The core and focus of the German company 'fischer' is the business segment for fixing systems. This is special competence of the family owned company. 

Fischer manufactures over 14,000 articles, the company provides a solution for every fixing problem and they are market leaders in some important areas.

Fischer provides the right fixing product in a technically-perfect design for a wide range of customers, from DIY fans through to skilled trade workers, right up to key account partners. 

Fischer has always been first in the development of new products, with 13.2 patent applications per 1000 employees, a unique level of innovation in the business world.

Nabaki Afrika stock a range of the most popular items that include: a range of chemicals anchors, fixing adhesives, steel anchors, plugs and screws, drop-in and bolt anchors, polyurethane foams, threaded rods and injection mortars.