Floor Tiles

Porcelanosa Group is a leading manufacturer of ceramic floor tiles, renowned for its advanced production techniques and the quality and versatility of its designs. A market leader in setting new trends, its flooring collections clearly demonstrate that they are profoundly inspired by natural materials, while always retaining the intrinsic properties and features of ceramic.

A selection of wall and floor tiles is now available at Nabaki Afrika to introduce the range.

Please note that the colours of these tiles cannot be accurately rendered in your web browser on your computer display. You will need to see the tile in natural light to accurately review the colour.



Porcelanosa Venecia Nacar

VENECIA NACAR 20X31,6 (A) ,Size: 20 x 31.6 cm, Thickness: 9 mm. Read more

Porcelanosa Glass Marfil

GLASS MARFIL FNO 31,6X44,6(A), Size: 31.60 x 44.60 cm,Thickness: 8.7...

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Porcelanosa Carrara Blanco Brillo

CARRARA BLANCO BRILLO 59,6X59,6 (A) , Size: 59.60 x 59.60 cm...

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Porcelanosa Arizona Caliza

ARIZONA CALIZA 44,3X44,3(A) , Size: 44.3 x 44.3 cm,Thickness: 10...

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Porcelanosa Ceilan Marfil

CEILAN MARFIL 44,3X44,3(A) ,Size: 44.3 x 44.3 cm ,Thickness: 10...

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Porcelanosa Meaux Acero

MEAUX ACERO 60,2X60,2(A), Size: 60.5 x 60.5 cm, Thickness: 10.5...

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Porcelanosa Eidos GrafitoMarmol Romano Marfil

MARMOL ROMANO MARFIL 43,5X43,5(A),Size: 43.50 x 43.50 cm, Thickness:...

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Porcelanosa Yakarta Blanco

YAKARTA BLANCO(72C/P) 31,6X31,6(A), Size: 31.60 x 31.60 cm,...

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Porcelanosa Yakarta

YAKARTA(72C/P) 31,6X31,6(A),Size: 31.60 x 31.60 cm,Thickness: 9.4...

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Porcelanosa Eidos GrafitoFirenze Oceano

FIRENZE OCEANO 20X31,6(A),Size: 20 x 31.6 cm, Thickness: 10 mm Read more

Porcelanosa portland arena

PORTLAND ARENA 59,6X59,6(A), Size: 59.60 x 59.60 cm,hickness: 10.5...

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Porcelanosa Rodano Caliza

RODANO CALIZA 59,6X59,6(A),Size: 59.60 x 59.60 cm, Thickness: 10.5...

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