Fortiza Roof Tiles

FortizaFletcher Building Roof Tile group brings you Fortiza, the roofing system designed specifically to meet the demand of the growing ‘middle income’ housing market, where budgets are tight, but overall looks are just as important.

Following research in key developing markets like Africa, Fletcher Building Roof Tile Group (RTG) have designed and produced a product according to the needs of the architects, developers and home owners in the middle income sector.

This is the Fortiza Roofing System. Nabaki Afrika is the exclusive sole distributor.

Two years ago Nabaki Afrika built a Fortiza test roof and has since monitored the roof in our own harsh climate and conditions to ensure that the development of this tile is checked and confirmed in Tanzania.

It takes many years to get the reputation that Fletcher Building RTG and Nabaki Afrika have earned for quality.

High quality can never be imitated and you can only earn a reputation for high quality after you have provided quality products for a long time.


Both Fletcher Building RTG and Nabaki Afrika have provided high quality products for a long time and can be trusted to deliver good quality in future.

Fortiza Roof Tiles

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