Rainwater Gutters

Marley Rainwater Systems have built a sound reputation due to their technical performance, ease of installation and low maintenance.

Marley products are especially resilient in the harsh Tanzanian climate where inferior products have been known to lose colour, warp and crack in the extreme heat and humidity.

Marley has two profiles: Vynadeep is rounded and Streamline is squared. Streamline will carry almost double the amount of water and the gutters are 6 metres long. Vynadeep gutters are 4.5 metres long.

Marley rainwater gutters and downpipes efficiently drain water away from the roof of your home and they neatly finish the look of the roof.

You can get the complete system that includes fascia and barge boards to complement the rainwater range -  you will find these products in the Ceilings category.

Remember that if you connect your rainwater system to a water tank you can collect 10,000 litres of free clean rainwater in about an hour of heavy rain from the average roof. 


Decra stone-coated metal roof tiles are certified by the World Health Organisation for rainwater collection so with a Decra and Marley roof you have the perfect setup.



You can download a full catalogue using the website links provided. Be sure to visit the interactive Marley house on the manufacturers website.


Marley Rainwater Gutter System

Marley Gutters are made from impact-modified unplasticised polyvinyl...

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