Water Purification & Treatment

Nabaki Afrika supply a full range of water treatment systems for home and industry manufactured by Ion Exchange of India.

Through Ion Exchange India, Nabaki Afrika brings you total water environment solutions - water treatment, liquid waste treatment and recycling to provide pure drinking water wherever it is required.

Specialists in water and waste water treatment for over four decades, Ion Exchange offer total water solutions for industry, homes and communities. Integrating process technology, design engineering and project management capability, Ion Exchange takes end-to-end responsibility - planning, integrating and managing water on supply, quantity, quality, discharge and environmental fronts. By creating quantifiable benefits for our customers, we demonstrate how efficient water management is a value investment.


All Ion Exchange products are backed by local company representation.

Puriline 4L Water Filter with Cartridges

Zero B Puriline 4L Water Filter and Cartridge .

  • PU...

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  • Zero B Tap Filter

    ZERO-B SURAKSHA: – is a simple convenient “on...

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    Zero B Plus Filter Table Top & Cartridge

    ZERO-B SURAKSHA PLUS: – is a water purifier with 5?stage...

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    Zero B Ultimate Filter 10 LPH

    ZERO-B ULTIMATE: – a sleek looking RO system removes all...

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    Zero B Saphire Filter Wall Mount & Cartridge

    ZERO-B SAPPHIRE: – is a surface standing or wall mounted...

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    Zero B Intello 25 lph cw Storage Tank

    ZERO-B INTELLO : – is a first of its kind with a customized...

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    NGS 3m3/hr Softener

    NGS 3m3/hr Softener w mpv

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    POU Softener

    The existing softeners available are of high flow rate (around...

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    Hardness Test Kit

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    Zero B Solar

    ZERO-B SOLAR is a wall mount non electric 6?stage purifier with...

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    Reverse Osmosis Units

    The 60/100/150 LPH RO is a water purification system comprising of...

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    Zero B Emerald

    ZERO B Emerald: Multi stage RO purifier with carbon filter.

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    Zero B Kitchen Mate

    ZERO B Kitchen Mate: Under the counter RO purifier.

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    Zero B Eco Reverse Osmosis

    ZERO B Eco RO: World's 1st 3x higher water recovery.

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