IPS PF Coupler Reducer - 0

PPSU PUSH-FIT pipe connection system for plomyPEX (PE-Xa) and plomyLAYER (PE-RT/AL/PE-RT) pipes. Applications: Drinking water supply, hot and cold water supply, SHW, Radiator Heating, Air Conditioning and Gas supply.

Unit Sizes

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Product Code: 793143

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Product Code: 793147

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Product Code: 793148

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Features and Benefits

·Thermal resistant ·Light-weight ·Smooth inner surface ·Health-friendly ·Thermal sealant (0,26 W/m 0C) ·Elongation at break ·Chemical resistance ·No noise nuisance ·Reduced size / slim profile ·High profitability ·INSTALLING plomyCLICK ·FITTINGS IS EASY AND ·SIMPLE