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Protects in-ground irrigation valves. Also functions as a durable enclosure that provides easy access to valves for maintenance. Used in turf applications to house single valves, multiple valves, or other subsurface components of an irrigation system.

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Product Code: 602700

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Features and Benefits

These features apply to the Standard, Jumbo, Super Jumbo, Maxi Jumbo, 10" Round and 7" Round Series Valve Boxes: •Easily removable knock-outs simplify pipe placement and reduce installation time. •Large top opening area provides unobstructed access to valves. •Knock-out retainers align removed knock-outs in place above the pipe to help keep dirt out during backfill. •Corrugated sides provide strength both before and after knockouts are removed. •Beveled lid edges help prevent damage to lids from lawn equipment. •Interlocking bottoms allow boxes to mate securely together bottom- to-bottom for deep installations. •Lid marking area provides dedicated location for valve identification.