Fortiza Roof Tiles

Building a new home can be a stressful experience, but at least we can take the stress out of choosing a roof. Fortiza tiles are manufactured with Alu-Zinc Steel to provide a long life against corrosion, and uses long established coatings and technology to eliminate chip loss. Fortiza only uses natural stone.

Every Fortiza Roof Tile is a multi-layered configuration of high strength, unyielding composites, designed with decades of experience to work together in perfect balance and deliver maximum performance with beautiful natural stone coated looks. Whilst every layer acts as a protective barrier against weathering and corrossion - delivering a longer life to your roof and lasting good looks, the interlocking installation method ensures maximum security against intruders and high winds.

Fortiza is a bigger tile and because it’s easier to work with, it is one of the quickest roofs to install. This means less labour costs, and a shortened build time.

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