Resin Capsule RM

This established fixing system consists of the RG M threaded rod and the resin capsule RM.

See the detailed spec sheet on the link "Resin Capsule RM" below right.

The 2-component resin capsule RM contains quick-setting styrene-free vinylester resin and hardener.During setting, the edges of the threaded rod destroy the capsule in the drill hole, which mix and activate the mortar.The resin adheres to the entire surface of the threaded rod, bonding it to the wall of the drilled hole.

Accessories you will require:

  • Cleaning brush
  • Blow-out pump ABG
  • Threaded Rod
  • Internal Threaded Anchor RG 

Unit Sizes

RM 8 - Add to Cart
Product Code: 176075

RM 10 - Add to Cart
Product Code: 176080

RM 12 - Add to Cart
Product Code: 176085

Manufacturer's Website

Resin Capsule RM

Features and Benefits

  • Threaded rods are supplied with an easy to use hexagonal installation drive or can be installed with an adapter.
  • High-performance resin guarantees high loads in non cracked concrete.
  • The resin anchoring is free of expansion forces and permits small axial spacings and edge distances.
  • Wide range for many applications.
  • New European design method enables optimum use of the anchor system for cost-efficient fixing.