Universal plug UX

  • Nylon universal fixing
  • Expansion in solid building materials, reliable knot formation in all cavities.
  • Use UX 6 long version with fischer spacer screws for maximum load-bearing capacity in perforated materials, double-skinned plasterboard and for bridging non-load-bearing layers.

Unit Sizes

UX 6x35 R S/20 - Add to Cart
Product Code: 176170

UX 6x50 R S/20 - Add to Cart
Product Code: 176175

UX 80x50 R S/10 - Add to Cart
Product Code: 176180

UX 80x50 R S/20 - Add to Cart
Product Code: 176185

UX 10x60 R S/20 - Add to Cart
Product Code: 176185

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Product Spec Sheet

fischer universal plug UX

Features and Benefits

  • The unique design enables use in almost all building materials.
  • Diagonal connection ridges for optimum screw guidance.
  • New saw-tooth anti-rotation lock prevents the fixing rotating in the drill hole.
  • Low turning and high tightening torque - the first universal fixing that really “holds“.
  • Can be used with wood and chipboard screws from 4 mm to 12 mm.
  • Integral drive-in lock enables - if pre-assembled screw - optimal push-through installation.
  • The collar of the UX R prevents it slipping into the drill hole.