Fixing Adhesive KK

Fischer fix it Construction Adhesive KK is a solvent-free, strong adhesion polyurethane adhesive for rigid bonding with high final strength. Can be used internally and externally. At least one of the components to be bonded must be absorbent.

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Product Code: 176115

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Adhesive KK

Features and Benefits

  • High strength for bondings that are subject to mechanical stress
  • Watertight according to DIN EN 204, stress group 4
  • Can be sanded, stained and painted
  • Quick-hardening
  • Highly viscous, compensates uneven areas
  • Does not drip, so it can also be used on walls and ceiling
  • Fills joints through slight foaming during curing
  • Free of solvents and silicone
  • Reclosable using the sealing cap