Zycosil Conc

ZYCOSIL is 100 % Organo SIlane, eco-friendly, water soluble nanotechnology. It is reactive waterproofing with penetration up to 2mm into concrete pores / cementitious surfaces offering 360o envelope and creates an impervious monolithic membrane to eliminate seepages.br />
It is Nano Sized (0.000001 millimetre), so it can go inside smallest (Nano) cracks invisible to the naked eye.

It is inspired by nature’s nanotechnology and mimics the lotus leaf.

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Features and Benefits

  • Chemically reactive, water soluble, breathable Nanotechnology.
  • Forms Si-O-Si Siloxane bond by Nano siliconization of surfaces (Mother nature’s strongest bond for centuries).
  • Penetrates up to 2 mm in concrete pores / cementitious surfaces, forms Monolithic Structural Membrane.
  • Makes soil layer (25-50 mm) impervious to water to prevent capillary rise.
  • UV and Heat stable.