Pratley Rubber Tape, Self-Fusing

PRATLEYRUBBERTAPE is"self-fusing". It fuses (amalgamates)  to itself once wrapped and has 1001 uses.  Theself-fusing property prevents it from coming loose and renders it useful for fixing low pressure leaking pipes, making handle grips and much more.  It is also a high voltage electrical insulator.

Unit Sizes

0.5mmx19mmx1.6m - Add to Cart
Product Code: 386735

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Features and Benefits

  • Repair low pressure hose pipe leaks.
  • Repair hoses and pipes on cars (not exhaust pipes).
  • Seal cables and insulate wires.
  • Seal coolant pipes.
  • Make a neat grip on sports equipment.
  • Bind rope ends so they don't unravel.
  • Separate mechanical parts that rattle or chafe.
  • Insulate spark plug leads.