BASF MasterFlow 928 (MasterFlow 928T)

is a non-shrink, natural aggregate precision grout with excellent high early and ultimate strengths.  It is specially formulated to provide extended working time even at high ambient temperatures when mixed and placed at any recommended consistency. MasterFlow 928T is normally placed at a flowable consistency to completely fill voids between 25mm and 100mm. Thicknesses greater than 100mm are possible with the addition of aggregate.

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Product Code: 641190

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Features and Benefits

• High early strength – Ensures rapid commissioning of new equipment and structures.
• High ultimate strength – Ensures permanence of the installation under static and moderate repetitive loads.
• Flowable long life grout – Easy to grout intricate spaces normally inaccessible by conventional grouting technique.
• Extended working time – Facilitates grouting of large or difficult placements in a single pour, often without the use of a pump.
• Dense, non-shrink grout – Hardens free of bleeding, settlement and drying shrinkage, ensuring tight contact with all grouted surfaces.
• Easy to use – Requires no special mixing equipment, it can be mixed in a standard concrete mixer or in a pail using a grout stirrer.
• No added chloride – Does not add to chloride load of structure