Prime-Bond Multi Repair Kits

The strongest hold for the toughest material Prime-Bond is a quick bonding adhesive, suitable for both household & industrial purposes. Prime-Bond is also petrol and oil resistant. When used in conjunction with the powders, you can repair almost anything!

Examples of the materials to which you may apply our product, are as follows:
strong>BLACK POWDER To repair - bumpers, grills, radiators, motorcycle fairings, electrical switches, door handle clips, distributor caps, and many more strong>GREY POWDER Grey surfaces, cracks on motorcycle engines - heat resistant up to 180°C, computers, office automation equipment, cracked carburetors, water pumps - petrol and oil resistant, cracked and chipped wheel caps.   

Unit Sizes

PB1 10ml tube - Add to Cart
Product Code: 382100

PB2 2x10ml tubes + 2xpowder - Add to Cart
Product Code: 382200

PB3 6x10ml tubes + 3xpowder - Add to Cart
Product Code: 382300

PB4 1x10ml tube + 1xpowder - Add to Cart
Product Code: 382400

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Features and Benefits

Eyes: Flush with water and seek immediate medical attention.
Skin: Apply Acetone continuously.
Ingestion: Seek immediate medical attention.
Inhalation: No risk. Can be irritating to respiratory system