Duram NS1 Rust Buster

Stop rust in its tracks with the proven corrosion-fighting properties of Duram NS1 Rust Buster. Scientifically formulated, NS1 is a rust converter and metal primer that chemically reacts with rust and converts it into a stable, solid compound that’s ready for further priming and painting.

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Features and Benefits

• It neutralises the iron oxides that cause rust and then turns the rust into a solid compound.• Saves you time, money and labour.• Quick and easy to apply.• Non-toxic.• The converted rust is ready to be primed and painted with Duram’s range of superior metal coatings.• Compatible with most paints.• Low water permeability.• Hard and flexible.• Resistant to flash rust and chemicals.• Water based, so equipment can be cleaned by rinsing it under cold water.