Bostik Powermastik

BOSTIK POWERMASTIK is a permanently plastic, solvent-free, waterproof compound,which remains unaffected by extreme temperature changes. It has good adhesion to all dust-free, non-bituminous surfaces. It will remain plastic under normal structural and thermal movement of the joint to which it is applied. Can be painted with any non-bituminous paint after skin has formed. BOSTIK POWERMASTIK is excellent for providing a durable, protective seal against entry of water, dust, fumes, etc.

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Product Code: 371200

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BOSTIK POWERMASTIK is recommended for the sealing of asbestos, galvanised iron and aluminum gutter sections and downpipes, overlap joints of roofing sections, air duct joints and seams, metal windows to sub frames and masonry, panels, glass cladding and frames on curtain walls and skylight installations