Conmix Resigard SL4

ResiGard SL4 is a four component (Base, Hardener, Filler & Color pack), solvent-free epoxy resin self smoothening heavy duty, chemical resistant, good impact & abrasion resistant flooring system. It has excellent adhesion qualities, chemical resistant and glossy finish and easily cleaned.

Unit Sizes

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Product Code: 702300

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Product Code: 702310

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Features and Benefits

• Phenol free, hence can be used in food procesing industry
• Applied from 3 - 6 mm thickness
• Good flow characteristics combined with an attractive self smoothing finish
• Fast application - minimizes downtime
• Chemically resistant to a wide range of chemicals.
• Durable - good impact resistance.
• Hygienic - provides a dense, impervious, seamless floor surface which iseasily cleaned
• Attractive - available in a wide range of colours to enhance the working environment.
• Available with fast cure hardener for low temperature application where early service of the floor is required
• Solvent free