Duram Rainkote Fibre-Tech

Rainkote Fibre-Tech is a flexible, pure acrylic waterproofing solution that offers the added strength of reinforcing fibre particles that overlap while you paint. With Rainkote Fibre-Tech, there’s no need for a waterproofing mesh, and you’re left with a thick, strong and flexible waterproof coating that lasts. Colours: White, Grey, Black, Red, Charcoal, Terracotta, Blue and Green

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Product Code: 330261

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Product Code: 330262

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Product Code: 330268

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Product Code: 330269

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Features and Benefits

• Fibre-reinforced pure acrylic waterproofing; 
• Non-drip and goes on quickly and easily;
• Bridges hairline cracks without the need for a mesh or membrane;
• The fibres make it tough, durable and flexible;
• UV and weather resistant;
• Can be overcoated with most paints;
• Aesthetically pleasing and is available in a variety of colours;
• Fish and plant friendly, so you can use it in your pond;
• An excellent way to maintain previous waterproofing applications;
• Tools are easy to clean with water while still wet;
• Superior quality.