Pratley Zeolite

Zeolite is a highly porous inorganic sand-like material, which uses a combination of physical entrapment of fine particles and molecular  sieving of contaminants to create a highly filtration substrate for  domestic and commercial water cleansing. With a huge number of highly regular pores and chambers, Zeolite acts as a natural blotting paper, and can trap particles as small as 3 microns in diameter. Compare this to a good cartridge filter, which can only capture particles as small as 40 microns or to a regular sand filter, which traps particles above 100 microns. The product is suitable for swimming pool water filtration and for commercial or domestic house water systems.

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Features and Benefits

Zeolite is the most effective water filtration substrate on the market, for a number of reasons:- • Zeolite can trap particles as small as 3 microns in diameter, thirteen times smaller than a good cartridge filter • Zeolite has 50 times the surface area of sand – one teaspoon has an absorption surface area equivalent to a football pitch • Zeolite reduces operating costs by: o lowering chlorine requirements by up to 30% o reducing use of pH correction chemicals o lowering filtration cycles & pump pressures o Increasing flow rate • Zeolite conserves water by reducing frequency of backwashing • Zeolite is compatible with chlorine, bromine & ozone swimming pool disinfectant systems • Zeolite removes choloramines & absorbs ammonia • Zeolite is compatible with sand filtration and can be used to add to or replace existing stand filtration substrates.