POU Softener

The existing softeners available are of high flow rate (around 500Lph) and higher capacity (around 2500Lph). The regeneration process of conventional softener is cumbersome; it involves number of valve operations.The design of the POU Softener has evolved from the need to have a softener with affordable cost; also it should be convenient for domestic use. The new design called as POU Softener is user friendly and specially meant for POU application such as geysers, washing machines and bathroom appliances.POU softener is a sleek wall mounted model that is designed to reduce the calcium and magnesium ions (hardness) from water thus making the water soft.This POU softener has the convenience of a knob for selecting soft water output and recharging the softener.

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Product Code: 536025

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Features and Benefits

  • Soft water available on the twist of a knob
  • Convenient way of recharging the media. (Single operation by turning the knob)
  • Low-pressure operation – Does not require higher pressures / works on lower pressure
  • Easy to fit, sleek wall mounted design